Leanne Surfleet: Portraits with the Lomo'Instant Wide


UK-based analogue photographer Leanne Surfleet is no stranger to instant cameras. In her trip to Amsterdam, she took the Lomo’Instant Wide to shoot some portraits and doubles.

Photos:Leanne Surfleet

On the Lomo’Instant Wide: It’s such a fun camera to shoot with and very quick to learn. I loved the ability to shoot multiple exposures and the use of the lens cap as a remote shutter release. As I shoot a lot of self-portraits it’s important for me to have some kind of self-timer or remote button on a new camera so this was perfect. My first few photographs were very hit and miss. I had to get used to the viewfinder and positioning and then the sheer width of the film! It’s great having so much space to play around with in the frame. It took a bit of trial and error but I was so excited and pleased with the majority of the images I created with this camera.

Photos:Leanne Surfleet

On choosing instant subjects: I started off with some self-portraits and experimented with the multiple exposure feature. Then I went on a little trip to Amsterdam and took the Instant Wide along with me, so there portraits of Ben and myself at home, and in Amsterdam exploring the Botanic Gardens and light in general.

Photos:Leanne Surfleet

If you want to see more of Leanne Surfleet’s work, visit her website. Stayed tuned for more Showcase Features.

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    Love her photos!

  3. lomogirl57
    lomogirl57 ·

    Id be interested in learning more detail such as what were your settings for the pictures... Especially indoors as mine look so dark. So how do you get the excellent lighting?

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    these are amazing!

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    beautiful - visual poems!

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