Analog Fans Petition Photography Brands to Save Fujifilm FP-100C


Fujifilm announced that it will no longer produce FP-100C. Instant photographers reacted with an online petition, which got more than 7,000 supporters in two days. The letter called on major film brands, including Lomography, to get the peel-apart film back in the market.

“We love to shoot with this cameras and wait for the results, this is a kind of magic,” wrote Francesco Gasperini in a signature petition hosted by Change. 314 more signatures are needed to reach a quota of 7,500.

Fujifilm FP-100C is a color instant film of the peel-apart variety. A negative strip is isolated or “peeled” to reveal the print. In recent years, integral film—which has the negative inside the paper—has been the popular choice among instant photographers.

But FP-100C still has a niche of loyal users. Some of them have even uploaded shots on their Lomography homes.

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    Sad story. Fuji has discontinued other films in the past, like the 1600 ISO b/w, a grainless high ISO film, one of the best film ever. The future is not so clear for film photography.

  2. lynnmariehall
    lynnmariehall ·

    Nooo! I've only just bought a camera that takes this type of film :-(

  3. pan_dre
    pan_dre ·

    @lynnmariehall It's not completely over yet, maybe the petition succeeds. Otherwise it's time to stock up ;)

  4. merry
    merry ·

    I use this film on a daily basis. I think it would be a very smart thing for Lomography to buy the machines and formula to make this film.

  5. aeroektar
    aeroektar ·

    When they took away FP-100C45, I sadly had to conclude that I couldn't justify getting another film holder for the smaller version of the film, since its demise was inevitably going to be soon. Perversely, though, I sort of prefer the process with the peel-apart film - especially since you can recover the negative. There's still new55, but I can't afford to use very much of it.

  6. schugger
    schugger ·

    Lets hope the Petition can change Fuji's minds....

  7. edwardconde
    edwardconde ·

    Lomography & Impossible should team up on this... Joint Venture!!! Save Film!!!!

  8. fotoflix
    fotoflix ·

    I agree! This would be an opportunity to save these films and perhaps create new cameras that use them. I really miss the beautiful FP-3000 black and white.

  9. b2377
    b2377 ·


  10. reka_s
    reka_s ·

    Makes sense... Now everyone everyone that wants instant photos have to buy their new cameras, instead of getting an old polaroid... I can understand why they do this, but it saddens me nonetheless.

  11. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    The Peel-apart medium is one of the most unique creatives in Photography! Sadly, i see it coming in our digital age :((
    Let's hope we'll see more alternatives to this one of the kind Peel-apart mediums!

  12. lefolle
    lefolle ·

  13. lefolle
    lefolle ·

    Some dialogue has apparently been opened between Fuji and a small group of people respected in the industry, including the founder of the the Impossible Project. This is rare and potentially significant as they have rebuffed any attempts in previous years when the other versions of Pack Film were discontinued. Please check out the website and also sign the petition to help raise awareness.

  14. raymondvanmil
    raymondvanmil ·

    @LEFOLLE that would be the best news ever.... ever. Just imagine that they could also save the black 'n white film..

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