The Many Faces of Fashion Photography


Fashion photography would be a huge account if anyone were to make an inventory of all the photographs in the world. Unlike the fashion industry, the trends for fashion photography do not change as frequently as the season showcases. Here we list timeless approaches to shooting style—beautiful women included, of course.

The face shot: beauty editorial

Credits: reiga, blackbyrd & freelancer

Strutting in street style

Credits: duffman

Going model-esque with the lookbook

Credits: aquilinus, itisanormalname, marcopizza88 & maximum_b

The ‘outfit of the day’ diary

Credits: reneg88, blackbyrd, hburgess & anafaro

Road to high-end editorial

Credits: elvismartinezsmith, maximum_b, grazie & aoba

Project catwalk

Credits: queenofantisocial, sebastianerras, grazie & earlybird

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  1. b2377
    b2377 ·

    "The only thing more beautiful than a woman... is two of them." - William Melvin Hicks

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