Kamila K Stanley: What's in Your Bag?


Revealing the contents of your bag is like revealing the deepest corners of your soul, one could argue. But photographer and artist Kamila K Stanley didn’t seem to mind too much when we asked her to share her most indispensable items.

Hi Kamila. Tell us, what’s in your bag?

Some mess, paints and brushes, fizzy sweets, my favourite jumper and Patti Smith’s “M Train” that I’m reading. Not too sure about the Vaseline to be honest. Absolutely prepped to survive in a jungle.

Wow, that’s quite an eclectic mix. Talking about jungles … Can you tell us a little story about that dinosaur? How did it end up in your bag?

This guy I found in the street in Paris, some days before moving abroad again. He was just lying there in the traffic. Serendipity is finding something good when you’re not looking for it. Me and my brother Lou grew up on “Jurassic Park” and “The Land Before Time” episodes – although I finally got round to watching “Jurassic World” on a long-haul flight – it was so bad it shattered my childhood.

What do you paint with these watercolors?

I used to paint a lot before I got really into photography. Nowadays I mainly paint streets and use watercolors to practice sketches for big murals. I’m in the all-women street art collective Femme Fierce.

You’re a photographer, so let’s talk about your camera! What makes it special for you?

It’s different for everyone… But I couldn’t trail through dusty Argentinean villages or the Amazon rainforest with a pricey, high-tech digital camera. Also I’m too scattered to be recharging batteries every second day. It’s something about learning the ways of the road, earning the respect of your subjects – it’s also part of the craft. I’m a big lover of these bulky 70s SLR cameras – they’re beautifully efficient, and you can pick them up for super cheap. I used several Minolta SR-Ts but these did keep dying and breaking my heart (RIP). The Olympus OM double-digit range are pretty faithful; and can take some rough knocks and sandstorms. They enjoy the rucksack lifestyle.

Thank you for sharing this with us, Kamila.

To learn what else Kamila is capable of creating with just a little paint or her camera, head over to her LomoHome or visit her website.

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    hermoso <3

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    Give Chris Pratt a break Jurassic World is a fun watch.

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