LomoChrome Turquoise: Green and Blue Hues


There’s more shade and tone in this film than turquoise. Here are some Lomo community images that played with the wide spectrum of LomoChrome Turquoise.

He’s electric

Credits: fotobes, b2377 & savannahmay0596

Frost and ice

Credits: kleeblatt & gocchin

Welcome to Emerald City

Credits: hodachrome, chilledvondub & xsara

Purple mountain’s majesty

Credits: troch & waynejordan

Beware of the cyanide

Credits: kleeblatt & ihave2pillows

Sea of green

Credits: alixunderplatz

Indigo mood

Credits: icequeenubia & lafilledeer

They call it spring

Credits: alienmeatsack & xsara

A hint of mint

Credits: alcastan, kleeblatt & lafilledeer

Ambrosia in royal blue

Credits: kleeblatt & ihave2pillows

Odious green fantasy

Credits: weedos & alixunderplatz

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