Purple Haze: Mystical Shots Taken With the Lomochrome Purple


Combining the calm of blue and the energy of red, purple is a color that seldom appears in nature. Its rarity evokes a hint of mystery, and the color is even said to spark creativity. So why not get a little help from Lomochrome Purple to get your creative juices flowing?

Show us your mystical side: Pick up your camera and enhance your world with this color negative film that will give your photos a surreal, moody look.

To get a little inspiration, check out these dreamy, magical shots from our community members:

Credits: maria_vlachou, ccwu, andrejrusskovskij, fotobes, fruchtzwerg_hh, dylanivlivs, kernelpanic, tenovertwelve, thecheekyscamp, euripidesaltintzoglou, mikevint, bloomchen & chappelow

Get your hands on Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400 35mm or 120mm in our Shop and buy in bulk to save money! To find out more, visit the Lomography Films microsite.

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