Phōtosgraphé: A Light Painting Project by Lucea Spinelli


For her latest project, New York-based photographer Lucea Spinelli created captivating moving images that play around with the essence of photography: light.

In “Phōtosgraphé”, Spinelli makes light come to life. The artist combines various techniques such as light painting, long exposure photography and stop-motion. The results are compelling GIFs you can’t take your eyes off. Streams of light bounce through the images, tracing movement – and leaving you wondering whether it’s of a person, an object or something entirely intangible.

While photography is often used as a means to depict reality, the light streams seem to represent an energy, a spirit, something that surpasses our visual perception. As the artist explains on her website: “By distilling the course of movement over time into one single image, photography, in addition to it’s potential to mirror reality, also has an ability to suspend reality.”

“Phōtosgraphé” (stills) by Lucea Spinelli

The title of the project goes back to the Greek etymological roots of “photography”. While phōtos stands for “light”, graphé means “representation by means of lines” or “drawing”. Spinelli took a quite literal approach in her interpretation and used various light sources such as fairy lights, flashlights and penlights as a paint brush, while the sensor of the camera turned into her canvas during the long exposure shots.

To find out about the production of “Phōtosgraphé” and to hear her best tips for your own light paintings, check back soon for our interview with Lucea Spinelli. For more information about the artist and further projects, visit her website, her Tumblr or check out her Instagram profile @sprucea. Information for this article was provided by Lucea Spinelli or sourced from her website. All photographs and GIFs provided by the artist and used with permission.

written by Teresa Sutter on 2016-02-28 #people #lifestyle #digital #animation #light #long-exposure #light-painting #new-york #stop-motion #light-drawing


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