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We know that creativity has no limits and that you can never stop learning. Thanks to our community member, ilcontrariodime, we discovered how to hack films with anything that comes to mind, resulting in the photo scratch! This article explains how ilcontrariodime used this new technique.

LomoHome: ilcontrariodime

Credits: ilcontrariodime

1. Get a tool to engrave with: spike, tip of a compass, or glass; anything pointed will work.

2. Grab your developed film (black and white, negative, 135mm or 120).

Credits: ilcontrariodime

3. Start to draw! It is advisable to do it against glass, using tape to hold the film down at the sides. This way, you immediately see the pattern and know if you should be pressing harder or not. The more you press, the more the engraving will appear white. Different scratching methods will leave different tracks; for example, with the diapositive, when the scratches are made lightly, a bit of blue color remains. In other words, abusing the surface will alter the colors that are arranged in a series of overlapped layers. However, each film reacts to the scratching differently.

4. After the design, all you have to do is move the film into a scanner and voilá! It’s done!

5. The Photo Scratch is ready!

Credits: ilcontrariodime
Credits: ilcontrariodime

Here we listed the film used: Ilford FP4 125, Fujicolor C-200, Ferrania Solaris 200, Agfa HDC 100, Ferrania FG PLUS 800, Agfa Vista 100

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    Interesting! Gives me some ideas. Thanks.

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