Hanbury Hall


A large country estate in Worcestershire. Fruit gardens, grove, orangery, orchard,bowling green and 400 acres of park. Perfect for a picnic.

Hanbury Hall is a beautiful country house, built in 1701 by Thomas Vernon, it has been carefully restored to its former glory and is a great spot to visit in the sunshine. Surrounding the house are twenty acres of recreated early 18th-century gardens and 400 acres of park which makes it a great place to have a picnic or throw a Frisbee with some friends . There’s also a fruit garden, grove, orangery, orchard and bowling green, on certain days you can take part in a game of bowls.

The gardens really are beautiful and walking around them in the sun is a real treat and a great spot to take photos. With the surrounding park area being so large it’s easy to find a nice corner to relax in peace even on busy days. There is a charge to enter the hall but it is slightly less if you just want to visit the park and gardens and it is discounted to members of the national trust.

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  1. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Nice shots!

  2. lloyd_ay
    lloyd_ay ·

    The funky green cast gives all of the flora a breath of ultra-life.
    I dig that.

  3. darryl1208
    darryl1208 ·

    The german translation you can find here:

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