Massive Discounts on Lomography 35mm Film!

The future is definitely analogue…and now more affordable! Check out our reduced rates on our 35mm Lomography film packages today!

The Future is Analogue … and More Affordable!

…so how can it be if you’re out of emulsion? Check out our online shop and you’ll find that we have a growing selection of Lomography 35mm films. There are color negatives for truly classic colors, redscale for warm-hearted folks, and slide film for the crazy x-pro fanatic. As we are committed to bringing analogue photography into the future, we are happy to announce mighty price reductions off all 3-Pack Lomography 35mm films! How can we do this? We’ve been negotiating hard for better deals so we can continue our promise to make analogue photography affordable and readily available! Come to the online shop and find the most irresistible film price savings!

Lomography 35mm Film 3 Packs New, Better Price!

Lomography 35mm Film 3 Packs are now up to 6 EUR and 5 USD cheaper than before!

Lomography Color Negative 800 ISO – 3 Pack
Retro colors achievable with this speedy film even when the sun refuses to shine.

  • Now : 8,99 EUR; 10,99 USD (was 12 EUR; 16 USD
  • (2,99 EUR / 3,66 USD per roll*
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Lomography Color Negative 400 ISO – 3 Pack
A real favourite with any camera. Wonderful, vivid colors, high ISO, super price.

  • Now : 7,99 EUR; 9,99 USD (was 14 EUR; 14 USD)
  • (2,66 EUR / 3,33 USD per roll*)
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Lomography Color Negative 100 ISO– 3 Pack
Swell colors and clarity make for a quality film. All this for a crazy cheap price!

  • Now : 6,99 EUR; 8,99 USD
( was 10 EUR; 14 USD)
  • (2,33 EUR / 2,99 USD per roll*)

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Lomography Redscale 35mm 100 ISO – 3 Pack
The first spooled 35mm “redscale” film. Yields a unique, warm, red/orange effect.

  • Now 8,99 EUR; 9,99 USD (was 12 EUR; 15 USD
  • (2,99 EUR / 3,33 USD per roll*)

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Lomography X-Pro Slide 35mm 200 ISO – 3 Pack
Sunny, citrusy images dripping with deep colours, great saturation and contrast!

  • Now : 15,99 EUR; 18,99 USD (was 18 EUR; 20 USD)
  • (5,33 EUR; 6,33 USD per roll*)
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*All Lomography 35mm Films are sold in packs of 3

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