First Impressions of the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens: Antonio Castello

Have a gander at Antonio Castello's experimental images and and multiple exposure photos taken with the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens.

Lomo Home: antoniocastello
Camera(s) used: Fed 3. 35mm

First impression of the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens

A light and easy to use lens, with a strong focus and soft bokeh.

Your New Jupiter 3+ experience was…

A first time experience! It was the first time I had the chance to use one of this lenses and I'm very happy with the results.

About the photos

Once you have the lens, the first thing you want to do are portraits, the strong focus and soft bokeh on the lens will give you a nice portrait without much effort.

However, I wanted to shift the lens purpose into something apart from just portraits and see how far the lens can go under strong circumstances; so I had the idea to do some experimental shots, out of focus, doubles, over and under exposures, moody images etc. I was very pleased to see that even after doing double exposure with a whole roll with landscapes and portraits, the focus on the portrait remains intact, and you can still see the details in both exposures on the frame. I was also happy to see out of focus pictures that don't look like a mistake, but that give you a mysterious moody pic.

Favorite feature of the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens

I like the way the apertures work, they move smooth and fast so you can control your light and depth of field really quick.

Perfect subjects or opportunity to shoot with the New Jupiter 3+

I want to do more double exposures, but this time with a little more of control over the film, shooting first the roll with landscapes and lights out fo focus and then the second time with only on focus portraits.

Advice for first-time users

Shoot more than one roll so you can really understand your lens, this lens is made for rangefinder cameras so you will understand the power of your focus and apertures once you have your first rolls done.

Expect crisp sharpness, smooth, natural colors and lush, dreamy bokeh — reworked and perfected by Lomography's highly experienced team. The New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens is exquisitely handcrafted by expert technicians at the exact same Zenit factory as its forebearer. This sleek, chrome-plated weapon of choice will be produced in small batches and thus available on a very limited first-come, first-served basis. Visit the microsite for more info and the Lomography Online Shop to get your very own New Jupiter+ Art Lens.

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