First Impressions of the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens: Kieko


Here’s a quick chat with Kieko, a happy lomographer from Tokyo. She talks about her experience with the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens and shares some of her photos.

LomoHome: choko3
Camera used: Leitz Minolta CL

First impression of the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens:

I definitely like the silver look of it!

Your New Jupiter 3+ experience was…

At first I didn’t know what I should take – whether a portrait, landscape or street shots but I realized I can basically take anything with this lens! When I wanted to take a portrait, then I chose a location with a colorful background. When I wanted to take a landscape photo, I chose somewhere with different buildings and obstacles.

About the photos:

I took this at the sky deck of Roppongi Hills – you can see Tokyo Tower which is one of the famous landmark in Tokyo. It was such a nice day and I just couldn’t help taking the blue sky and the skyscrapers. Roppongi Hill is 238m but Tokyo Tower is 333m high!

I love the outcome of the blue lights in the background. This was a good shot!

Favorite feature of the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens:

I liked shooting at night and seeing the bokeh in the background especially when there were lights.

Perfect subjects or opportunity to shoot with the New Jupiter 3+:

I would want to try shooting more people in close up – like shooting a person’s face but having the focus only on his/her eyes or hands or shoes.

Advice for first-time users:

In the beginning, just to get a better sense of using the New Jupiter 3+ I think taking photos of landscape would be good. It’s the same for any lens or cameras but the more you get the hand of it, the more you know what you want to shoot!

Expect crisp sharpness, smooth, natural colors and lush, dreamy bokeh — reworked and perfected by Lomography’s highly experienced team. The New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens is exquisitely handcrafted by expert technicians at the exact same Zenit factory as its forebearer. This sleek, chrome-plated weapon of choice will be produced in small batches and thus available on a very limited first-come, first-served basis. Visit the microsite for more info and the Lomography Online Shop to get your very own New Jupiter+ Art Lens.

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