First Impressions of the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens: Maxime Fardeau


Maxime Fardeau, or Max as he is fondly called, loves film. He has been shooting analogue for about four years and owns a number of 35mm film and instant cameras, such as the Leica M6 and SLR-670 Polaroid. He has taken photos using the Lomo’Instant and the Minitar-1 Art Lens and this time around, he provides a glimpse of the images she produced with the Jupiter 3+ Art Lens.

LomoHome: instantpaula
Camera used: Leica M
Films used: Lomography Lady Grey

First impression of the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens:

It’s a 50mm lens f1.5 ! I gotta tell you: my Leica camera was not used to aperture like that. This f1.5 aperture is would be much appreciated at night and for bokeh lovers.

Your New Jupiter 3+ experience was…

I enjoyed how the lens was built: it seems solid and it feels you can definitely rely on it. The focus ring has a long stroke but it gives you a great accuracy to focus on your subject. As for the aperture ring, it does not have any click. Puzzling at first, it makes you use your camera like if it has a shutter priority (you select the shutter speed and then adjust the aperture to have the correct exposure).

About the photos:

I had little time to test the lens so I had to find reliable and interesting subjects: well, that’s why I shot some of my friends. Many of the photos I’ve taken were shot outdoor under low-light conditions. That was the opportunity to set the aperture at its maximum setting and see what the lens is made of!

Any favorites?

I especially like the one I’ve taken of my friend Felicie looking down at the street from her flat balcony in Paris, I don’t know why…it tells some kind of story. I try to have all my pictures telling a specific story and I think this one turned out pretty great.

Favorite feature of the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens:

I like the fact you can set the aperture up to f1.5: it creates such an amazing bokeh on the photos !

Perfect subjects or opportunity to shoot with the New Jupiter 3+:

I would have liked to have enough time to experience it for street photography, that’s what I like to shoot. Maybe visiting an unknown place and discover it through this lens can be rewarding.

Advice for first-time users:

For your first shots, try to use it as you would use a shutter priority camera: select first the shutter speed and then adjust the aperture to have the correct exposure. That is just another way of shooting and it might give you new perspective on your work!

See more of Maxime Fardeau’s work on his website & Tumblr account.

Expect crisp sharpness, smooth, natural colors and lush, dreamy bokeh — reworked and perfected by Lomography’s highly experienced team. The New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens is exquisitely handcrafted by expert technicians at the exact same Zenit factory as its forebearer. This sleek, chrome-plated weapon of choice will be produced in small batches and thus available on a very limited first-come, first-served basis. Visit the microsite for more info and the Lomography Online Shop to get your very own New Jupiter+ Art Lens.

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    this is a great lens, I have a 1970 old model, and I love it!

  2. oriolphotography
    oriolphotography ·

    That first photo is awesome...

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