The Simple Negative: Kodak Pro Image (35mm, 100 iso) User-Review


If we talk about negative film, one of the most faithful is the Kodak ProImage

If someone asks me what my favorite negative, I don´t doubt for a second to say that is Kodak ProImage.
This film is faithful. Cheap, excellent definition and versatile. The Kodak ProImage has ISO100, which give us a definition with no grain at all in good light conditions. Its cost is low and it´s still in production. They sell in packs of 5 rolls and also by unit.

It is the most versatile film, every crazy and experiment, I do it with a ProImage. The homemade redscale, double exposures with Colorsplash Camera / 05/06/dobles-exposiciones-con-colorsplash, etc. are all done with ti and I always get results that leave me happy.

This film behaves differently depending the camera and light but always delivers excellent surprises. One thing I like about ProImage are the pushed results by forcing three steps. The colors often seem like a x-pro slide film.

I invite to you to use this film while it´s still in stock.

written by iaki on 2010-06-15 #gear #negative #review #iso100 #35mm-film #kodak


  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    great review and shots! I made some rolls of this film a long time ago and the results were looking very good! :))

  2. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    nice film :) and great gallery!

  3. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    i always thot this film would be boring, but based on ur gallery, I should definitely give it a shot =) good review!

  4. iaki
    iaki ·

    @cinzinc: you can try it pushing the film in 3 step :) (ISO 800). I´m sure you like it

  5. panelomo
    panelomo ·


  6. paramir
    paramir ·

    wow, beautiful gallery! some images do really look like x-pro... great review.

  7. iaki
    iaki ·

    @paramir thank you!

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