First Impressions of the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens: Morgane


Sip from a cup at a nearby cafe, try the sweet pastries and walk through the romantic streets of Paris with Morgane’s photographs of her beautiful city. And as you enjoy the view, hear what this local has to say about her accomplice in taking such lovely photos.

Name: Morgane
LomoHome: mpflawer
Camera used: Sony Alpha 7

First impression of the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens

I was really excited about the new lens and especially about its wide aperture. When I first saw the lens, I was amazed by its size and look. So I directly attached the new lens to our Sony Alpha 7 camera, took my bag and went outside to have a walk with it and to test it. When I saw the first shots, I’ve thought the bokeh was really nice. After my first tests, we brought the lens with Marine from the French team and did some portraits.

Your New Jupiter 3+ experience was…

Really nice except that I was really cold and my hands were turning blue (hard to use a manual lens with gloves, isn’t it?!)). The lens is really compact so you can bring it with you everywhere.

About the photos

I walked in the streets near the office. I’d like to use the maximum aperture to have a very nice depth of field. I like the picture of the flowers in the bin because we can imagine so many stories behind it.

Favorite feature of the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens

Its wide aperture!

Perfect subjects or opportunity to shoot with the New Jupiter 3+

I’d like to use the lens for portraits and close-up. And maybe use it for videos.

Advice for first-time users

Enjoy the depth of field and the smooth contrasts with the larger aperture. Take your time, breath and have fun!

Expect crisp sharpness, smooth, natural colors and lush, dreamy bokeh — reworked and perfected by Lomography’s highly experienced team. The New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens is exquisitely handcrafted by expert technicians at the exact same Zenit factory as its forebearer. This sleek, chrome-plated weapon of choice will be produced in small batches and thus available on a very limited first-come, first-served basis. Visit the microsite for more info and the Lomography Online Shop to get your very own New Jupiter+ Art Lens.

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