Hawley Arms Camden


Welcome to one of the most famous pubs in London. The Hawley Arms has hit headlines with fires, Amy Winehouse impromptu gigs. Yet it’s atmosphere is the main reason I love to drink there. Drop in for a pint sometime!

If anyone has been to Camden on a quiet day, it’s still stuffed with fashionistas of one kind or another. What better way is there to finish off looking round the market than heading for a pint in the Hawley Arms. Even after the fire and it’s modernization it still feels like an old fashioned British pub filled with all walks of life.

Some of the old memorabilia pre-fire still cover the walls like the boys Mike, Joe, Topper and Paul photographs from The Clash. Everywhere you look there are opportunities to capture the true atmosphere of this pub. From the balcony above, with the train track right next to it is perfect for a Summer’s night. Inside the pub the upstairs bar is smaller but just as beautiful. A chandelier hangs above a large table offering a dim but romantic lighting.

Downstairs to the left of the bar sit a log fire, perfect for a warming up with a pint bitter on bitter Winter’s day. Camden is full of beautiful places outside to take shots but if you have a few frames left, don’t waste them. Go and have a drink in the Hawley Arms and see what magic you can find.

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  1. gnarlyleech
    gnarlyleech ·

    Great bar review

  2. bsmart
    bsmart ·

    The Hawley was good before the fire. Gone downhill over the past few years.

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