On Taking the Perfect Holiday Photo: A Quick Guide for Lomographers

The holidays are just around the corner! Be sure to capture some of your best holiday snapshots yet with these easy tips.

When taking group and family portraits, try to take at least one formal shot and another (or more!) with everyone striking wacky poses. Think outside the box!

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Make your holiday photo mix an interesting (and less stiff) one with candid, intimate shots. Be on the lookout for such moments, get close if you must, and just fire away.

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Overcome dim lighting by using high ISO film, slow shutter speeds, or flash—just be mindful of what would work best in a given situation. But if you do decide to use flash, be careful not to point it directly at your subject because doing so could cause red-eye, harsh shadows, and hot spots. Bounce flash at a light-colored surface to soften it.

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The snowy landscape is a lovely backdrop for outdoor shots. Make sure it looks bright white on film, not bluish, by overexposing one or two stops.

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Play with bright, twinkling lights the holidays are almost synonymous with. Here are some tricks in capturing them beautifully. Or you could simply set your camera to take stunning long exposure photos.

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