How to Explore the Scotland Wild

Photographers Richard Gaston, David Boyson Cooper and Kimberley Grant guide us through the secret spots of idyllic Scotland.

A night spent in Kearvaig bothy. From the photo roll of Wild Guide Scotland.

Richard Gaston has been on our radar for a time now. His portfolio is more than just a thing to look at. In small to direct ways, his photos of snow-lidded Scotland inspire readiness to travel. The word itself falls short; steering the normal course of city life 360° for a week is more like it. Tracing the steps of a native, imagined or real. Having a camera, and also putting it down for the bits that are hard to translate by word or image. Only then will this week feel like a true immersion.

Hideaways in Scotland. From the photo roll of Wild Guide Scotland.

It comes as no surprise to us that Gaston is co-authoring the book Wild Guide Scotland. His conspirators in adventure are David Boyson Cooper and Kimberly Grant, who also take wonderful pictures. They started trekking in the summer of 2015 and will continue to maze through the country until March 2017. Think of them as first testers—the book is shaping up to be, in the words of Gaston, “a compendium of all the best things about rural Scotland, consisting of the best swimming spots, wild camping, and bothies.” The teaser and making-of shots released by their publisher have us imagining life-resuscitating air and indelible conversations.

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