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In this series, we talk to film fanatics from all around the UK about their passion for film photography. Today we feature The Quang Tran, who is originally from Vietnam and has been experimenting with the LomoChrome Purple and Turquoise films.

Name: The Quang Tran
Lomohome: ivalice922

Please introduce yourself.

My name The Quang Tran or Tom (my English name), I am 23 from Vietnam . I’ve just finished my master degree in Occupational Psychology at Birbeck College. I did my undergrad at King’s College London and spent my first two years in the UK taking an A level course in Brighton. I’ve been into film photography for 7 years and my love for film photography was inspired by my grand father, who used to be a military journalists and a great poet writer. When he passed away, my dad found from his reading room an old ammo box filled with valuable film canisters and all the negatives were in good condition. I was inspired by such awesome work. Since then I have developed my interest in photography and especially in film photography. Studying in the UK has provided some great opportunities to shoot film. My major subject was psychology, so started with taking people facial expression, action and portrait and I loved it. I tried digital camera but some how, the magic of film still overwhelmed me. The colour, the grain, the process you develop the film, the smell of chemicals altogether have created a strong bond between me and film photography.

Tell us a bit about these photos (camera, film, locations).

My favourite photo was the one I took a long exposure of London’s east from Waterloo Bridge. It was a very cold day but you can feel the joy of holding the cable release while sipping a hot chocolate and letting the cold wind pass through. The photo was my master piece and it has greatly boosted my love for film. As a international student in the UK, tuition fees and living expenses my demotivate you to pursue film photography. But every time I saw my films I couldn’t resist buying and shooting more film, especially when I discovered Lomography. I love Lomography films! My collection includes a Diana F+ with various lens (the Splitzer + double exposure function equals true beauty), a Holga, a Horizon Kompakt, a Lubitel 166+, the Konstruktor and an Olympus OM2N, which was my very first camera.

If you were to invent a new film camera, what would it do?

If i were to invent a new film camera, may be i’ll ask a child to draw their ideas of what a camera should look like. Kid’s imaginations are valuable, I am sure we may be surprised by their ideas.

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