Manama Suq

The Manama suq was once a gateway for traders along the silk route to stop in, trade, acquire, sell, and even rest, eat and bath. Today, the suq still stand as the place where traditional items can be found such as spices, fabric, and cosmetics. It is also a popular tourist area where visitors can see, taste and smell local souvenirs and customary objects and foods.

The Manama Suq is a wonderful place to go because of its historical significance as well as the shopping and eating experience. Part of what made Bahrain what it is today is its history of trade. Being an island on the Persian Gulf, it was often a stop on the Silk Route.

Bab Al Bahrain was once the gateway into the island by merchants traveling from far, here to bring and to take away objects of all sorts. Today, the suq is unique in that it one can still see much of the original architecture, one can find many objects that are hard to find elsewhere such as powdered eyeliner and tobacco leaves, and there is a developing Indian influence in the country that is decades old and getting stronger. People of all ages and of all backgrounds work in and visit the suq. It is becoming a very popular tourist destination.

Going to the suq with any camera is always a satisfying experience. Having gone over with the Red Scale 100 on a very sunny day, I was glad that the red lent itself to the heat on the concrete and was countered, in some of the images, by the varying shapes and myriads of colours.

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