5 Ways to Change the Mood of Your Portraits


With an angle flip or a handy prop, you can make a portrait distinct and personal.

Ask your model to be in a contemplative state.

The eyes can betray a self-conscious disposition, especially during the first awkward moments of a shoot. Have your models think of something that puts them at ease. Better if they close their eyes; they may forget the camera and start to act naturally.

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Take advantage of the bright sun.

The sun can soften an otherwise standard portrait. Also a good compromise if your subject does not like extreme closeups. (You make up for the lack of intimacy through texture.) You may also mimic the effect through intentional light leaks.

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Position your subject close to the edge of the frame.

This clipped effect makes a photo look of-the-moment, as if the photographer has just popped in.

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Do a high-angle shot.

This has the surprising effect of lighthearted intimacy. Not invasive but close enough to make a subject look endearing and friendly.

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Add comic details

Some friends may be more comfortable being goofy. Other than on-hand props that exaggerate or support a humorous stance, you may also use ready-made backgrounds for contrast. Example: Pair an exclamatory sign with a play-lethargic expression.

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