Requested Posts Section Update - Calling For Submissions!


The Submission Request section has been updated and enlarged! It now included suggestions and themes on what the Analogue community would like to see for Reviews, Tipster and Locations! Plus, bigger Piggy Point rewards when your submission is accepted that matches a request. Have a look see!

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Lomo Journalists and Piggy Point lovers: take note! With the relaunch of the new Lomography Magazine we’re giving you more options to share your inquisitive talent in covering special topics for the community – with a higher Piggy Point giveout!

So if you’re up for the challenge, we’re putting up monthly calls for posts we would like to see most with bigger rewards when published!

Here’s the dish:

The *Requested Post* section is where the LomoStaff and guest Magazine editors put up callouts in up-to-the minute topics, products, interviews and reviews that might be of interest to the whole analogue community.

We will be having general topic guidelines as well as more specific ones along the way. So be sure to bookmark the Requested Posts page and you’re on the way to huge discounts and free products at our Online Shop

For starters, we’re giving out 10 Piggy Points for every successfully published article within the Submission Request guidelines. The payout could also go higher for more challenging topics, that we’re willing to throw in more luscious Piggies at your arsenal!

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  1. vizionista
    vizionista ·

    im not sure i what is that article interest right now?

  2. cruzron
    cruzron ·

    @vizionista - our requested posts are linked here!

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