A day tour with Tourism Vienna from Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai to Expo 2010 Shanghai


In collaboration with the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, China. Lomography proudly presents the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

21st May 2010 was the National Pavilion Day for Austria at Expo 2010 Shanghai, China in the World Expo park in Shanghai. At the same time Vienna Tourism is having a day tour with the local travel agencies in Shanghai. The tour started at 4pm from the Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai, showcasing one of the most important museums in the world, The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna in all its perspectives on two huge LomoWalls.

These two huge LomoWalls of The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna will be exhibited from 21st May – 12th July 2010 at the Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai 1-7pm Daily. For the first timem, Lomography is joining forces with one of the most important museums of the world: The Kunsthistorische Museum Vienna. As a result of this alliance of analogue art, two LomoWalls were built out of lush Lomographs capturing all the wonderful facets of this miraculous museum and its masterpieces. The Lomographs were taken by Viennese Lomographers as well as employees of the Kunsthistorische Museum Vienna to give you a rare insight in a beautiful institution.

Every VIP in the tour was given a nice goodie bag with a lovely Fisheye No.2 camera so they could also enjoy the joy of Lomography during the tour. We visited the gallery and moved on to the cozy cafe, we had our refreshments while listening to the presentation and slide show from the tourism team.

After the presentation, we walked across the street to a restaurant Le Cygne and had our dinner there before we hopped on a tour bus to the World Expo Park. During the dinner, we gave a little instruction and tips on how to operate the Fisheye No.2 camera to the VIPs, and they started shooting while waiting for the sumptuous dinner to be served.

After the dinner, we hopped on a tour bus provided by the tourism that brought us to the subway that leads to the World Expo Park then we took the subway to the Shanghai World Expo park. And here we are, at the Austria Pavilion of the Expo 2010 Shanghai!

The Austria Pavilion showcases itself by means of dynamic-abstract architecture with a porcelain outer skin in red and white colors. Porcelain is also found in the pavilion’s interior design. The porcelain surface elegantly alludes to the century-long tradition of “Chinaware” once exported from China to Europe. In a symbolic way, Austria transports this architectural object back to China with its pavilion, giving expression to the friendship between Austria and China. The color combination of red and white not only displays the colors of the Austrian flag, but also integrates the traditional Chinese color “red” for luck and happiness.

First we had a virtual tour of Austria by not only looking at the projection images at the walls of forest, snow mountain and lakes; we can even ‘touch’ the leaves, snow, fishes and even squirrels! This is a very amazing experience, everyone of us were so excited because the 3D interactive projectors and the acoustic elements made us feel like we’re exactly in the places.

Then we headed on to a concert hall, wherein there were DJs, VJs & MCs were performing contemporary music. The whole surface of the hall were covered by projected footage that synch with the music. We lingered at the concert hall and some of the VIPs were dancing and of course, shooting pictures with their new toy – the Lomography Fisheye No.2!

And we’re about to finish the tour, but yet, how could we just end it up without a toast for the successful & happy tour? There is an Al Fresco restaurant at the 2nd floor of the Austria Pavilion. Everyone of us were given 2 coupons of free beverages including beer, wine, fresh juice and soft drinks. The restaurant “Schanigarten” also served all kinds of delicious food from various states in Austria. The familiar melody like “Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss, Jr. and other classical music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were playing in the pavilion. After enjoying the drinks and hospitality from Austria, we went to the gift shop and bought some souvenirs like chocolate, mini statue of Mozart and fine Austrian crystal.

That was a very meaningful tour, everyone of us had a lot of fun. We are not only bringing back Lomography camera and Swarovski souvenirs, we also brought back laughers and great experience. Thanks to Tourism Vienna, Now or Never!

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