Beautiful, Moody Portraits


Melancholia is beautifully interpreted in these portraits from the community.

Depicting melancholia in a single, unmoving frame is a challenge as one can easily blur the line between overboard and lacking. How to go about it, then? Take a cue from these techniques employed by our community members: half, if not almost completely, hidden faces exposed only through slivers of light and shadow, a slight tilt of the head, hair fanning out, fingers, or through angles; raw emotions showing on the faces and gestures of the audience—deliberately executed or not, these elements let a sense of somberness pervade through each of the photographs featured here.

Credits: urbanmunky, ahben10, emiliaghamirzai, iamsarahzanon, cfehse, raywychin, choko3, anaisnni, lafilledeer, mudride, lauratintori & michaelfiukowskiphotography

written by Julien Matabuena on 2015-09-07 #lifestyle #portraits #gallery-post

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