Take a Walk with 'On a hazy morning' and the Petzval 85mm Lens

Photography duo ‘On a hazy morning,’ also known Joyce and Andres, know exactly how to tell a beautiful story with pictures. Join them on their next photographic adventure using the Petzval 85mm lens. A bokeh kind of day.

Please introduce yourself to the Lomography community?

We are Andres and Joyce and we’re from Amsterdam. We are both photographers focusing on lifestyle and travel photography.

How would you describe your photography style?

Professionally, we mainly shoot digital but we love the look and feel of analog photography. You can best describe our style as visual storytelling; we love to tell stories with our pictures and we try to capture the moment and atmosphere as best as possible. We think its wonderful to play with natural light and we like to work with a large aperture in order to create nice bokeh. This gives beautiful cinematic images.

You took a walk with the Petzval 85mm lens. Where did you go?

First, we went to the Amsterdam Wood, just to get a good sense of the Petzval 85mm and to play around with the different aperture plates. After that, we went to the Dunes near Bloemendaal, to shoot some nice portraits and even experiment with film!

What is your first impression of the lens and what struck you most??

Our first impression of the lens is that even while using a digital camera (we’ve used it with a Canon 5D mkII) you still get an analogue feeling because of the focus wheel. You really have to take the time for an image and that is something we love about analog photography. In order to get the characteristic ‘swirl’ we wanted to use the largest aperture possible. After some practicing, we got the focus area right. We were very impressed by the sharp focus of the lens. And in combination with the bokeh you get amazingly dreamy pictures!

Do you have any tips for other Petzval photographers?

When shooting portraits, you get fantastic results if you put your subject directly in the background (as you can see on the picture with the orange berries) instead of in front of the background. By doing this, the combination of the different textures of the leaves and berries and the effect of the lens will give your pictures even more depth!

A second tip for everyone who finds it difficult to find the right focus with the larger apertures; take your time for an image, choose a subject that can stand still for a longer period and use a tripod. Turn the focus wheel slowly to determine where the focus area is and shoot 3 pictures after each other to create a little ‘margin’. By using this trick we got a lot of super-super-sharp images which makes the contrast with the bokeh background even more interesting.

All images are shot by onahazymorning. Visit their instagram to see more of their work. Visit the Online Shop to get your own Petzval lens._

written by miss_madri on 2015-09-02 #gear

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New Petzval 85 Art Lens

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