Vintage Gallery: Marcus Selmer's Costume Portraits

Marcus Selmer was the first daguerreotype photographer of Bergen, Norway. He was up-to-date with new technologies and even shifted to wet plate collodion process, a more practical alternative to daguerreotypes. In the 1850s, he also made a series of portraits highlighting folk costumes, from floor-grazing bunad dresses to men’s mink coats. The prints were sold to tourists as a remembrance of traditional Norwegian culture.

1 A man from Ladevik in Ytre Sogn 2 Married woman from Valdres 3 A man from Gloppen in Nordfjord 4 A girl from Kindservig in Hardanger 5 Girl in a church costume from Lærdal, Indre Sogn 6 Groom from Bjerkeland near Bergen 7 A girl from Røldal, Bergens Stift 8 A girl from Hildalen, Bergens Stif 9 Married woman from Vigør in Hardanger 10 A married woman from Qvams in Hardanger, Bergen Stift 11 A Bride from Lardal in Sogn 12 A married woman in a summer costume from Halberghus in Hemsedal 13 A Finnish man in a winter costume from Salten in Nordland, Tromsø Stift. All photographs, circa 1857-1970. Archivist: Preus Museum. Images and information from Preus Museum on Flickr: Commons.

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