Horizon Day & Night


When day melts into night, the last thing you want is to miss any of those stunning details – so take the Horizon Kompakt/Perfekt and soak up the scene!

Panoramic Magic Anytime!

When day melts into night, the last thing you want is to miss any of those stunning details. With a full view of 120 degrees, the Horizon Kompakt and Horizon Perfekt soak up the scene, in the widest sense of the word, any time day or night. You can still pick up these Horizon cameras at our recently lowered price!

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written by kazarareta on 2010-05-26 #news #dusk #dawn #horizon #horizon-kompakt #horizon-perfekt


  1. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    I very enjoyed the gallery ;)

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    I think there's a little mistake on the Horizon microsite galleries: the gallery with the title Buenos Aires is in fact Barcelona, and title Barcelona is Buenos Aires....

  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    And is there a possibility to find the Horizon Bag? Looks like it isn't anymore in the package when buying a Horizon... This Horizon bag is a fantastic one, not only for the Horizon but for other cameras as well... for example, the LC-A+ with wide angle lens and colorsplash flash fits perfectly in this bag!

  4. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    Of Montreal!!!!!!!!
    I'd recognize that band anywehre!

  5. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    Ho-Ho-Horizon :D

  6. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    yeah, you have to swing your head a little bit when reading panoromas, otherwise you miss something...hahaha, nice gallary..

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