A Simple Guide to Custom Painting Your Lomo'Instant


My Lomo'Instant Pink Edition has received great feedback from Lomographers on the Internet. A lot of Lomo'Instant users wanted to try painting their own cameras as well. Therefore, Lomography Embassy Taiwan has invited me to share and write about the DIY process.


All you need are: * Lomo'Instant White Edition * Pink spray paint * Duct tape, cotton swab, Lacquer Thinner and a pair of scissors

Step by Step

Follow these simple steps to make your own unique Lomo'Instant!

As shown in the picture, we only need to paint the middle leather part of the camera. Same with the back.

Cover the parts you do not want to paint with duct tape. Don't forget to also cover the sides and parts like the lens, flash, switches and where the photos come out. This step might take you some time as it can be quite difficult to cover some parts completely.

Cover parts that do not need to be painted with duct tape.

The paint is powdery and can, therefore, be sprayed evenly on the surface of the camera. I suggest waiting for the paint to dry completely before you start painting the other side. When you've finished this step, you're almost there!

Ready to paint.

Lastly, remove any unwanted stain or unnecessary paint spots using a cotton swab dipped in Lacquer Thinner. Use your paintbrush to fill in smaller areas and apply touch-up paint.

Using Lacquer Thinner to remove unwanted stains.

Spray some paint into the bottle cap and the paint will become runny. Dip your paint brush in the paint and fill in any small areas and touch-up imperfect areas. Congratulations! You have already finished your very own Lomo'Instant Pink Edition.

I wanted to paint my own Lomo'Instant because I didn't really like the editions available at the store. I saw the Lomo'Instant White Edition and thought I could actually customize it using spray paint. I started painting once I bought the camera and because I really like and have quite a lot of experience in DIYing stuff, it only took me an afternoon to finish everything.

And why pink? I'm not a huge fan of pink but when I saw the new Lomo'Instant Havana Edition, I thought it's a color for boys. So why not make a pink one for girls? I thought it'd look great if these two are put together.

Special thanks to Lomographer Chen Tianxiang!

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