On Lomo'Instant Festival Tour with Berlin Sessions

According to our latest LomoAmigos Berlin Sessions, there is one camera this summer which you always carry with you – our beloved Lomo’Instant! The camera is accompanying the crew of the Berlin-based video magazine on their acoustics sessions all over the city and on the hippest festivals in Germany. Learn more about Berlin Sessions and their Lomo’Instant festival tour in this exclusive interview!

Please introduce yourself to the Lomography Community.

Hi! We are Berlin Sessions, a video magazine from Berlin. We have been filming acoustics sessions with young talented bands in extraordinary places all over Berlin for 4 years now. We are proud to have had over 120 artists just like Bastille, Milky Chance or The Drums in front of our camera. Recently we’ve been also on various festivals to produce sessions and aftermovies. Music is and will hopefully be the focus of our work and life for a very long time!

The Lomo’Instant Sanremo has been accompanying you for some time now. How do you like shooting with it?

The camera joined us on our last session shoots and festivals and it was a really loyal companion. It is great fun to take photos with it – one is always exploring new tricks. And it is so awesome to hold your photo in your hands instantly!

Do you have a favorite feature?

The multiple exposure is something really nice. It’s makes fun to experiment with it — usually you have to use photoshop to achieve results like that.

Where have you been so far with the Lomo’Instant?

We took it to almost every area of Berlin – after each session we are taking a portrait of the band. An autograph of the artist on his or her instant photo is the additional plus! The Sanremo was on the Immergut and the Lunatic Festival with us — we caught everything from the team to the bands with it! We also did a little photo series on the Lunatic: We tried to take a photo of the artist (Chefket, Carnival Youth and Consolers) before and after their performance on the exact same place.

Which one of the lenses did you use most often?

Actually it was the 27mm wide-angle lens!

Are there any more bands you would like to photograph for your polaroid series? And which festival is next on your list?

We are going to the Feel, the MELT!, the Dockville and the Jenseits von Millionen Festival next! There we will certainly have the possibility to extend our series of band portraits. In general it would be amazing to have bands like Arctic Monkeys or The Libertines for a session in front of the camera!

Which things, besides the Lomo'Instant, do you always have with you on festivals? Which is a festival must-have this summer?

Most important: sunscreen, bananas and wellies, even though you would rather like to leave them at home but unfortunately you will often need them. The best festival accessory for this summer: our new Berlin Sessions backpack! And without our stickers we are not going anywhere! We are giving them out among the festival visitors and the bands.

For more information about Berlin Sessions visit their website and become a fan on Facebook! There you can have a look at much more instant photos of their favorite musicians in their Polaroid Album. You can find all acoustics sessions on YouTube.

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