The Deserted Old Town of Bryce


The deserted old town within the small town in Bryce, Utah! It could have been mistaken as a ghost town if it weren’t for the live horses and the “closed” signs on the shops! :)

Located in front of our hotel was a replica of an old Western town which is one of the attractions of Ruby’s Inn. Lined up in a small street are unique stores such as a rocks shop, an ice cream store, a clothing store, and a shop with collectibles and souvenirs for tourists! There is also a small “ranch” at the end where they keep their horses for the rides in Bryce Canyon’s trails.

It’s a great site for photo-ops because it is well designed and there are props such as a small jail cell and those wooden standing where you slip in your face for pictures! They are open from mid-May through September from 8AM-10PM but we went there during November so everything was ghostly and deserted! It was a really fun experience for me and my family to take pictures as we took a break from touring the different points of Bryce Canyon!

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    Lovely pics !

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