Lomowalk in Luneta Park


Once again, the lomomanila lomographers were itching for a quick lomowalk. The easiest and closest place to go was Luneta Park. There was a lot to see and to shoot in this historical landmark. Our National Hero—Jose P. Rizal—was executed here. Hence, this is also his final resting place. It is guarded by soldiers 24/7. The rigidity ends there because otherwise, anybody is free to roam around the big park and take pictures and have a good time with (camera) trigger-happy friends.

History was on our side as some lomomanila members decided to have a lomowalk in Luneta Park early this year. Almost a year ago, the same group met around the Manila bay area for a lomowalk as well. This time we decided to shoot in Luneta Park. We met in front of the Rizal monument and watched other people pose as hired SLR (yes, you heard me right—film SLR) photographers take their pictures and wait for their prints in less than 30 minutes.

As soon as the group was complete, we wasted no time in going around the park and started shooting. There was so much to cover in one afternoon. We went to the Chinese Garden. One could easily imagine having slipped into Hong Kong, as we were surrounded by Chinese architecture. Next, we went to the Japanese garden. It was a lot simpler and austere than it’s Chinese counterpart. Both had a bridge but the Japanese garden was leaning towards a minimalist architecture in stark contrast to the Chinese intricate architectural details. There is also a park dedicated to Jose Rizal. It shows a life-size diorama depicting his execution by the Spanish militia. Seeing it make one’s national pride swell and at the same time, makes one think about giving oneself for a higher cause. It was also national arts month so we saw some students playing drums to the beat of Ati-Atihan—a famous festival devoted to the child Jesus. Afterwards, we just walked around the general premises of Luneta park, took a train ride for a (US) dollar, shot flags and statues. and proceeded to Quirino Grandstand and shot some flying kites.

We also looked at the giant replica of the Philippine map with the sunset as a backdrop. At sunset, we realized it was time to break-up and made plans for our next lomowalk.

written by stitch on 2010-05-25 #places #manila #philippines #location #lomowalk #lomomanila #luneta-park #rizal-monument


  1. ak47lomogurl
    ak47lomogurl ·

    great pictures! :D WHat camera and film (the one you crossprocessed) did you use?

  2. stitch
    stitch ·

    hi lomogurl, thanks. i used an LC-A+ and Fuji Velvia 100.

  3. jcgepte
    jcgepte ·

    awesome photos jimmy!

  4. ginomatic
    ginomatic ·

    As always, awesome!

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