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Good Russian cameras are unique characters with their specific features,

Good Russian cameras are unique characters with their specific features,
mannerisms and little quirks. But let’s be honest, with so many classic Russian cameras around these days, it’s sometimes not so easy to pick out what makes each one special. So who better than their devoted owners to tell us a little something about what makes these vintage analogue heroes a shot above the rest? The reviews and galleries you will read today come from the mouths and dusty albums of your fellow Lomographers.

Fed 5


Read the Deadstock Tale by jaalvarez

Zenit E SLR


Read the Deadstock Tale by kylethefrench

Smena 8M


Read the Deadstock Tale by joeljaik

BeLomo Vilia


Read the Deadstock Tale by pan-dre

Antique Shop Grand Opening

To celebrate the grand opening of the
Antiques Shop we are giving away a 5 pack of deadstock Konica Chrome Centuria 200 film with every purchase of one of our featured Russian cameras.

When cross – processed this amazing slide film boasts intense saturation
and contrast with a very subtle blueish colour shift. Add to that a speedy 200 ISO and thatsome expired film craziness,
and you defintitely have a winner.

Film Offer: Fuji Velvia 35mm slide expired

Is there something more madcap than expired Fuji Velvia?
It seems unlikely due the Velvia’s wildly saturated escapades when cross – processed.

So, given that this slide is a little past its use-by date – who knows what kind of mischief you can expect!

  • 20 EUR/USD – 5pack
  • 35 EUR/USD – 10pack

Tripwolf Photo Travel Shot Competition

Lomography has sponsored tripwolf to bring you an adventure travel photo rumble. tripwolf is a new interactive social travel guide.
If you find conventional travel guides a bit of a yawn, tripwolf is the thing for you. The site combines all the essential things you need from a comprehensive travel guide with nitty gritty advice
and no holds bar tips from the wanderlust gurus who have been there, seen it, done it.

The best thing is that you can generate your own personalized travel guide from more than 200,000 destinations and
points of interest featured. You can make your trip as unique as you like.

As you would expect tripwolf is rammed with amazing photos from the world’s most awe-inspiring locations. As we all know, every trip has a few tales to tell and we are certain you have the Lomographs to prove it.

Upload as many shots as you like to these 4 categories to be in with a chance of winning one of 10 Lomographic cameras or a tripwolf Tee.

The 4 upload categories:

  • Best Travel Photo"
  • Weirdest Travel Photo"
  • Best Wolf Photo"
  • Best Travel Buddy"

Follow this link to tripwolf to find out more about the competition and how you can enter!

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