Coco Alexander and the New Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens

Coco Alexander is a well accomplished and well known photographer based in New York City. As a LomoAmigo, she has shot on several cameras, including the Petzval 85 Lens. This time round, Coco took Lomography’s new Petzval Lens 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens for a spin.

Name: Coco Alexander
Location: New York City
Profession: Photographer
Gear: The New Petval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens

Photos by Coco Alexander

Being well acquainted with the New Petzval 85 lens, what do you feel about the new lens? Could you tell us what you find unique about the New Petzval 58 lens?

I love the ability to take a wider shot with the 58, the Petzval is not just for portraits anymore. Being able to adjust the amount of bokeh is also a great feature. It really allows the photographer to get weird with it!

Where and with what camera did you shoot these photos?

I shot some with the Canon A2e 35mm and also with the canon 6D. It was actually interesting to see the differences since I’m a Nikon user. We shot all over New York and even a bit in New Jersey with this one. Asbury Park, that massive graveyard in Queens, Greenpoint and the East Village.

Photos by Coco Alexander

Which photo do you like the most and why?

My favorite photo? The swirly bokeh (set all the way to 7) really comes through on this one of my friend Lucia. And I love that only one eye is in focus. But I also really dig this more photo-journalistic style one of Danielle Tyler looking through the mirror.

Photo by Coco Alexander

To learn more about Coco Alexander and her work, visit her website.

The New Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens will be available in black and brass finishes and compatible with Canon EF and Nikon F analog and digital cameras, plus tons more using adapter mounts. Swing by our Kickstarter page to learn more about this project and help us make the New Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens a reality. The first delivery of lenses is currently planned for December 2015.

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New Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens

Explore the first footsteps of photography with this handcrafted lens that combines historical design and modern, yet original, Russian optics with an unprecedented Bokeh Control Ring.

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