The Wonders of the Enchanted Kingdom


It was unplanned! My friends and I were headed towards Tagaytay City but someone mentioned missing going to Enchanted Kingdom (EK). Everyone looked at each other for agreement.. And so, the decision was made: Detour to Enchanted Kingdom (for what could’ve been the nth time)!!

Being to this park brings back a lot of good memories. Not because of the rides and attractions, but because of friends and family! Writing this article made me realize that I enjoyed EK not only because of the adrenaline rush from the Space Shuttle, but because of the thrill and excitement in my boyfriend’s voice after finally conquering his fear of roller coasters!! <3 I loved riding Anchors Away as I normally would, but only more because of the look on my friend’s face as the small ride made him almost hurl! >:D

The main attraction: Space Shuttle (now Space Shuttle Max), a boomerang roller coaster ride, has already been revamped since it got stuck a few years back, but it is still 15 seconds long!! There is also the trippy haunted house attraction which I went to for the first time (a must if you haven’t seen it before)…

I have been going to this park for more than a decade now. I am 27 years old, and I still get excited to experience the same and familiar rides of the Philippine’s biggest theme park: the Enchanted Kingdom! The lines might not be as long as it used to be, but the minutes of waiting still seemed like loooooooong hours! And my stomach was still twisting and turning in excitement… my heartbeat still raced with anticipation!

The Enchanted Kingdom is a small, modest and conservative theme park compared to America’s Six Flags and Japan’s Fuji Q Highlands. We don’t have the highest and fastest rides! And our roller coasters get stuck mid-loop! But I would have to assert that for Filipino’s the Enchanted Kingdom is closest to their heart!

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