Lomography X 120 love: 6x6 Competition Winners


Today is 6×6 day and the best time for the Lomography X 120 love 6×6 Competition winner announcement.

For this competition, we’re calling all medium format lovers to submit their best analog photographs in 6×6 format. Winners were chosen by folks from Lomography Japan and Paul Del Rosario, a Tokyo-based photographer and owner of the fashion brand 120 LOVE.

Here are the winners of Piggy Prizes:

Credits: standsfied, sharpwaveripple, fabba, yoshine_a, schugger, sophiecorto, penya, vicuna, bloomchen & badjuju

Comment from Paul Del Rosario

“It was exciting to see that 6×6 on film is alive and happening. Participants worldwide using a wide range of cameras and film and embracing the Square image. Cool. I hope the contest sparked interest for people to experiment with the other aspect ratios (645, 6×7, 6×9) or to just pick up any film camera, take a walk, and enjoy an LCD-free photo experience.”

120 LOVE Prize Winner:

Credits: chuo104

Congratulations, chuo104! Here’s comment from Paul Del Rosario.

“My first reaction when I saw this photo was ‘That looks fun!’ Fun to view, and the photographer must have had a fun time shooting it. I often see dreary photos of crowded train stations and drunk salarymen in Japan, but this photo obviously takes a different way to look at yet another train station photo. I thought the photographer was quite skilled in getting a shot like this on film, and the photo itself is just odd in a playful way. The commuters are in their own world reading books, checking their mobile phones, waiting, and other things that we normally see at the station. Unbeknownst to them, someone with a camera is setting the stage and composing a quirky story to spice up a regular workday.”

Lomography Prize Winner:

Credits: daibokkuri

Congratulations to all winners and thank you to everyone who joined!

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    thanks and congrats to the other winners! :)

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    congrats all and especially chuo104. i like the juror testimony, it made all of the submiter know why it deserve to be a winner. hope all of lomography rumble include the juror testimony like this

  3. ivileturia
    ivileturia ·

    Congrats all! They're amazing pics :)

  4. alcastan
    alcastan ·

    Congrats, plenty of great shots here.

  5. srcardoso
    srcardoso ·

    Lots of beautiful pictures. Congrats to all!

  6. foodbymark
    foodbymark ·

    One of the winners here shot with 35mm film and cropped to square format? Nice crop though.

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