Fujicolor Super HQ (35mm, 200 iso)

I found some expired rolls of Fujicolor Super HQ in one brick and tried to give it a shot!

The expiry date states “2001”. That’s some 9 years ago. Maybe I will try my luck with this one. I loaded the film on my Lomo LC-A and gradually took some shots.

The verdict: super vintage, real easy, and not totally expired look. I like it. A normal C41 process would give you:
1. Pastel-like colors.
2. A luck of grain on some shots.
3. Great colors on magic hours.
4. Vintage feel.
5. Weak reds.
6. Reflective lights are very shiny.

I tried red-scaling this film and gave me a great colors. Radically, it includes:
1. Great colors on red, yellow and orange hues.
2. High contrast and saturation.
3. Grainy shots on shaded areas or cloudy setting.

To be fair and honest, I like Fuji Super HQ. If you love grains, then go for this film. Although some say that this film is not for “portrait” since dark areas give you a quick grainy effect, I prefer using this for quick snapshots! That’s what Lomography is all about!

written by ethermoon on 2010-10-18 #gear #film #expired #review #200-iso #fuji-super-hq #user-review

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