Argus Paul Estabrook's Surreal Work in Paper Cutting

2015-06-02 3

The characters in Argus Paul Estabrook’s work in paper cutting are the stuff nightmares are made of: unusual forms, jagged edges, arms outstretched as if seeking salvation—all emphasized further by the plain white background on which they are placed. Combined, these details paint a picture straight out of Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy.”

(1) Dance Another: Two dancers struggle to become one as ecstasy overwhelms them (2) Run Out Cry: A woman tries to remain poised as her body takes flight and cries aloud (3) Inside Voice: Aghast and frozen by internal debate and monolog. By Argus Paul Estabrook

But a little disturbing at first look the resulting cutouts might be, there’s still that strange pull that would entice you to have a closer, longer look. What’s more, Estabrook comes up with fascinating captions and titles for each image, which are so well thought of they could actually pass off as tiny stories themselves.

Estabrook creates his work using just an x-acto knife and pages from magazines and discarded library books. According to him, his interest in cutouts and collage was sparked after exploring the works of the likes of Hannah Hoech, John Heartfield, and the surrealist Max Ernst.

(1) Hand and Hand (2) Arms Rise (3) Gasp (4) Full Step. By Argus Paul Estabrook

Argus Paul Estabrook is a visual artist and poet based in Seoul, South Korea. He’s also a Lomography community member who goes by the handle, @arguspaul. All information and images in this article were sourced from his website and used here with permission. Stay tuned for our interview with him!

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  1. chooolss
    chooolss ·

    I absolutely adore your paper cutouts @arguspaul! "Dance Another" is my favorite.

  2. arguspaul
    arguspaul ·

    @chooolss THANK YOU!!! "Dance Another" is one of my personal favorites, too~^^

  3. russellmcbride
    russellmcbride ·

    Absolutely excellent!

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