Delicate, Feminine Portraiture by Sharon Heit

The Seoul, South Korea-based photographer trains her lens on the female form and captures it beautifully. Please note that some of the images in this post are NSFW.

Photo by Sharon Heit

Sharon Heit’s portfolio is a mix of wanderlust-inducing travel photographs , action-packed band photography , and delicate portraits of women . The last one, in particular, comprise a bulk of her body of work.

Photos by Sharon Heit

Heit has captured the female form in practically every way possible. There are the standard portraits but then there also those that are veiled in mystery, with the face or body partly or completely hidden by blankets, slivers of natural light, hair, or simply through poses, framing, and camera angles. At times Heit, who extensively uses film in her work, experiments through double exposure, too. Regardless of the technique she decides to employ, all the resulting images are alluring in their own way.

Photos by Sharon Heit

All photographs in this article were provided to Lomography by Sharon Heit and used here with permission. To see more of her work, please visit her website and stay tuned for our interview with her!

written by Julien Matabuena on 2015-05-18 #people #lifestyle #film #women #portraits #feminine #sharon-heit

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