The Magical Realism of Cig Harvey

Photography is visual fiction in Cig Harvey’s book “Gardening at Night.”

Butterflies, birds, barren trees all within reach. Cig Harvey’s photography is about being in touch with nature in a whimsical, romantic way. In this sequel to “You Look At Me Like An Emergency,” nature is the setting of a familiar dream. There is tender appreciation for the ordinary object. A spread of berries, a bundle of flowers or a wind-drawn curtain is a source of delight.

Harvey’s colors and lights are a treat to the imagination. The prose serves only to support the photography, the main storyteller in this Schilt publication.

Pages from Gardening at Night by Cig Harvey.

Images and information from Photo Eye, Amazon and Schilt Publishing.

written by K. Aquino on 2015-05-18 #people #lifestyle #nature #storytelling #whimsy

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