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In this series, we talk to film fanatics from all around the UK about their passion for film photography and the best places to shoot in their home town. Today we meet Derek O’Neill from Glasgow.

Photos by Derek O’Neill

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am 36 and live near Glasgow.

Where did your love for film photography start?

Leaving school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I was ok at art and always liked taking pictures. Photography seemed like a logical choice. However, over the years the need to earn a living meant photography had to take a back seat and I eventually stopped altogether. Around 6 years ago I decided I needed a hobby and got back into it. I bought a cheap Olympus OM-10 with a couple of lenses and began using that. I still have that camera. Over the last few years I’ve bought and used a variety of film cameras. I didn’t touch digital until last year when I started my current job and my knowledge of it is very limited. I still think analog and prefer using film.

Photos by Derek O’Neill

What are you favourite cameras and why?

My favorite camera is my LC-A. It is utterly dependable, fits in your pocket, gets good results in almost any conditions and the fact it’s still working after more than 30 years makes it even more endearing.

Photos by Derek O’Neill

Tell us a bit about these photos.

These photos were taken at various times at different locations and with different cameras, films, filters and processes. Scotland is possibly the best and worst country to be a photographer. It has an abundance of amazing locations and scenery but the weather rarely cooperates. It can be very frustrating.

Photos by Derek O’Neill

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