Scenes from the City with the New Petzval Lens

The new Petzval Lens has proven itself a master of close-up shots and soulful portraits time and time again. Now some of our talented community members have stepped it up a notch and aimed the Petzval at city-scapes. From snow-capped pedestrians, couples chatting in parks, bustling markets, or people waiting to get on the metro – the beautiful banalities of city life are covered in these eloquent shots. Scroll through this gallery we’ve put together just for you to get a taste of the Petzval’s urban potential!

Credits: Gimbu, Stardustfai, Aida_dp, Choko3, Petit_loir, Aki_1969, Tattso, Aida_dp, Tattso, Prabu, Koduckgirl, Choko3, Antoniocastello, Muhamad_haid_shamsudin, Q8ieng, Koduckgirl, Nural, Vici, Choko3, Tattso, Lxrichbirdsf, Antoniocastello, Philippe_machado, Tattso, Gimbu, Linuxbcn, Choko3, Fafascinado, Choko3, Vici

The New Petzval Art Lens is compatible with Nikon and Canon analogue AND digital cameras. Come grab yours in our Online Shop!

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New Petzval 85 Art Lens

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