The Wonderful Adventures of the Petzval Lens


As all you lomographers will know, since its re-inception we have been following the tracks of the Petzval Lens. Indeed, this bokeh-genius has been traveling far and wide, falling into the hands of many a photographer the world over. We decided to put together this little catalog of talented artists and their most enticing photographs, shot using the Petzval lens, so we can show you what wonders and mischief we have brought upon us. Come take a look at the outcome of the Petzval’s transnational journey.

The UK

Let’s start on Europe’s favorite cluster of islands. The UK is known as THE hub for quirky urban trends and a street culture of its very own. But the region is also famous for its beautiful, undulating landscapes and lush flora. Our Petzval artists based in the UK offer us a bit of everything. The cool portraits of urbanites by Lomokev and Anton's perspectives on bike culture both feature Europe’s most notorious yet most wanted city: London. And of course our artists don’t neglect fashion: James Nader, Chris Pollard and Joe Prileszky have created intense and inventive fashion shots that will blow you away. We are also very touched by Britta Burger's honest depictions of the day-to-day process of growing up, Emma Case's quaint, intimate wedding photography, and Reyaz Limalia's whirling close-ups of all manner of species. England’s natural beauty is represented in Adam Bronkhorst’s nature scenes that feel so familiar yet are so unique. And last but not least, Nigal Raymond has shown us what radiant wonders he can conjure when he takes the Petzval on holiday to Japan. We dare say there’s something for everyone in this colorful pallet!


Over time, France has blessed the world with a plethora of gifted artists. We have been lucky enough to have the Petzval tested by the crème de la crème of France’s contemporary photographers. A timeless theme, the breath-taking French countryside features in the dream-like works of Alexandra Sophie. And take a look at the lyrical portrait shots by Matthieu Soudet or the sharp-edged black & whites by Maxime Chanet. Fashion photography is covered by Sonia Goulvent with suave models in sharp outfits, while Leo Berne and Theo Gosselin prefer the objects of their lens to be in more habitual settings. Both Maxime Desessard and Boby Allin carry us on completely different waves, one to a Jewish-French wedding and the other to live rock’n’roll! We are also wonderfully thrilled when Frenchmen travel, especially when it’s Kris Maccotta in Sicily and surfer Alex Laurel in Mother Russia. In short: we love everything they do!


The U.S. covers such a vast stretch of land, it’s no wonder that we have had so many amazing photographers taking the Petzval on such incredibly scenic journeys. Here is a taste of just a few. The world of high-end fashion is documented by the likes of Anna Fisher and Driely S, but if you like it alternative, the works of Will Tee Yang and Dallas Nagata White are sure to enthrall. And there is also something of that to be found in Santiago Felipe's casually cool shots of the swankest musicians of NYC. If you are looking for something more down to earth, the touching images of C.S. Muncy’s journalistic epic of America, or David Tufino’s heroic shots of daytime New York will take you places you’ve always wanted to go. The Petzval’s awesome portrait abilities are fully visible in Amy Arbus' sensitive shots, but also in the fun, staged photos of Coco Alexander. Joe Brook also gives us a wonderful insight into the rough and rugged skateworld of the West Coast. The Petzval’s dramatic bokeh effect make us feel like it’s us swinging up the ramp at breakneck-speed! Looking at all these pictures, it feels like the Petzval was made to look at and eternalize the city, land, and life scapes of America.


Adopted by some of the finest photographers on the continent, the Petzval has captured some amazingly expressive shots in Asia. The collection presented here exemplifies the imagination, creativity and skill that define this part of the globe. Take a look at the wedding shots from Singapore: find the classic and spontaneous in the work of Darren Poh and Charles, and the unconventional and quirky in Raymond Phang’s portfolio. We also loved the warm shots Koh Sze Kiat captured with the Petzval and the crafty combination of eccentric fashion and humble nature in Derrick Ong's work. And Aloysius Lim sets a standard of his own with his energetic concert shots. Coming from Hong Kong, the dramatic close-ups by Studio TM catch their objects from the grip of time and hold them still, while AM Renault’s saturated color images reflect on the relationship between nature and the human self. And a more care-free, day-to-day shooting style is represented in the works of Sean Marc Lee in Taiwan. These photographers aim the Petzval at the mundane and transform it into something exceptional.

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