Requested Posts: Film Photography Day 2015 Edition

Hey, lomographers! Have your stories heard and lovely photos seen by your fellow community members and analog photography enthusiasts. Read this special call-out for community-written articles to be published between March 30 and the much-awaited Film Photography Day on April 12. As always, writing for the Magazine earns you Piggies!

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Perfect Combination

No matter how many cameras and film rolls we have in our arsenal, we still all have that particular go-to and ever-reliable camera-and-film combo. What’s yours? Tell us, and share the reasons why this pairing is at the top of your list. Don’t forget to include your awe-inspiring photographs!

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My Day in Analog

Take your favorite film and camera with you and make it a part of your routine for one whole day. Capture photographs that would show your very own day-in-a-life story – from your activities and favorite hangouts and haunts, to the happy faces of your friends, loved ones, and acquaintances – and tell a little story to guide us along your photo diary.

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Fresh from the Lab

There’s a particular kind of joy that comes with the arrival of your freshly-developed photographs from the lab. Be proud and showcase the images from your latest roll to the community and tell us what went on!

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Object of My Affection

The love for capturing everything on film is pretty much a given for everyone here, but this time, we’d like to know what other things you are passionate about. This could be a loved one or another hobby – anything, as long as you hold it close to your heart.

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Lomography Day Trips

Play virtual tour guide for your fellow lomographers and plot out a one-day itinerary to your locale, or a city or town that you have been to. Include all the must-visit spots, activities to try, and all the sumptuous food to sample. Squeeze in a secret tip or two, something that only locals or someone who had been there many times before would know, if time permits!

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My Best Lomo Tipster

Got a film soup, film destroying tip, photo manipulation trick, camera hack, and other experiments related to film photography? Share with us your best and/or favorite concoctions and guides and inspire fellow film fans to embark on their next (or first) great experiment!

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Submission Guidelines

Before you submit, please read the COMPLETE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.

How to Submit

Email your submissions in Word .doc or .docx format to Please include photos, captions, links, and of course your username.

All submissions approved for publishing will be awarded 15 piggies!

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