Incredible Works on the Petzval Lens by Emily Soto


Emily Soto is an accomplished fashion photographer based in New York City. Soto is known for her unique style and professional aptitude and she is one of the top names requested by fashion editors. Soto shot a series of photographs with the Petzval Lens. Let’s find out more through this exclusive interview and view her beautiful series!

Name: Emily Soto
Location: New York City
Gear: The Petzval Lens
Profession: Photographer

Tell us more about yourself and how you got into photography?

I started falling in love with photography when my husband and I started dating. I started shooting landscapes and nature as we love to travel and were always looking for new places to go and shoot. A couple years later one of my friends was modeling and we decided to plan a shoot together, ever since I have been in love with shooting models and creating art and stories through the moods and emotions they gve.

You recently shot a series of photographs with the Petzval Lens. Could you tell us more about your experience? What is your favorite aspect of the lens?

I was very excited to try out the lens because of the bokeh and the old feel it gives. I love the mood the lens gave with the bokeh and slight blur around the subject. I also love the gold color of the lens, I can’t wait to use it again!

Could you tell us more about this particular shoot and what inspired you to shoot it?

I am working on a series of portraits this year titled “Bloom” and this was the first part of the series. The purpose of this series is capturing beauty and innocence in a painterly manner and the Petzval lens worked perfectly for first set of images.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I am inspired by many different artists from painters to photographers. My favorite photographers are Sarah Moon and Paolo Roversi, I love their film techniques and that their images tell a story and are often hauntingly beautiful.

In your opinion, what would make the perfect (fashion) portrait?

Definitely the right techniques with a great model, I love shooting with film and to me there is nothing more exciting than a great polaroid. I love the anticipation of waiting for the results. That mixed with the right emotion from the model makes a great portrait.

If you could photograph anyone in any place with the Petzval, who would you choose?

I would love to shoot Elle Fanning, I love her big eyes and romantic look. I think she would be fun to use this lens with!

What inspirations do you get when shooting with the Petzval Lens i.e. place, people, content etc.?

When shooting with the Petzval lens I want to get a strong sense of emotion because of the old romantic look the lens gives. I love that the lens helps tell a story with the painterly results it gives.

What do you like about analog photography and how does it differ from digital?

With analog I am more focused on getting the right shot verses digital when I have so many shots I can take. I love the results analog gives and how timeless it looks from 35mm to instant film. The results are very exciting!

Do you have any advice to current or future Petzval users for shooting with the lens?

It takes a little while to adjust to the manual aspect of the lens if you aren’t use to it. I recommend starting with using it with natural light to learn and practice. I am really excited to try it outdoors soon and see the bokeh it gives outdoors vs studio where it is a bit more limited.

What do you love to do beyond photography?

I love traveling, playing with my Scottish Fold, Twinkle, and working out. Right now I am especially into yoga, it’s very relaxing!

Thanks for your time! Learn more about Emily Soto on her website and stay up to date about new projects on her Facebook page.

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