Sunda Kelapa Seaport Jakarta, Indonesia

Ship and Sea, I’ll bet Popeye came here for some spinach

One of the oldest ports of Jakarta, also an important part of their history, Sunda Kelapa. Dating back from the 13th Century, so much history has taken place here. From trade to battles, this place still has that heritage in the wind. It is located in North Jakarta, probably a 30-minute drive from the airport. All the ships in the port look very similar, and none of them are close to modern day ship of trade. Huge ships made from wood, to little wooden boats. Back then, their main source of trade was pepper. Today, majority of their business runs inter-island, and is not that busy as it might seem. Sunda Kelapa has been handled by many kingdoms and countries. Such as the Sunda Kingdom, Portugese, and the Dutch East India Company. Dutch East India Company was able to make Sunda Kelapa the main port of the city and later on made a new sea port to accommodate more ships coming in.

Coming here just to shoot around was a fun experience for my friend and me. It was pretty amazing to see some of the towering ships, and to be able to go on it for pictures was awesome. While some of the sailors would gladly allow you to come aboard, some might charge you for it. But nevertheless, why not? It’s not an everyday activity. You are free to walk around the vicinity of Sunda Kelapa, they have a tourist office if you need any assistance. Some of these ships might be busy, and others may not, but from the looks of it, they were used to having photo enthusiasts around.

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