Retail Therapy - The More You Spend, the More Free Stuff You Get!


Simplify your life because there’s no need for silly complications! So this time around, we invite you guys to go back to your roots and and bring out the analogue beast within you!

The more you spend, the more freebies you get!

Going back to the roots means making simple choices. So why complicate your analogue adventures? We come to your aid for another retail therapy that helps you get in touch with your basic analogue instincts! As with previous retail therapy sessions, the idea is simple: the more you spend, the more free stuff that you get. Our freebies make great company with your favourite camera – all the basics covered!

Offer valid 17th – 23rd May 2010.

Your guide to retail recovery:

It’s easy to score a freebie! Follow these steps, and see what you’ll get with every boundary:

  1. Spend 75 EUR/USD/GBP – Get 3 free rolls of Klick Film
  2. Spend 150 EUR/USD/GBP – Get 3 free rolls of Klick Film + Lomography Notebook
  3. Spend 250 EUR/USD/GBP – Get 3 free rolls of Klick Film + Lomography Notebook + Sling-On Bag ( first collection)*

Free items added automatically at check out. *Colour of Sling-On bag may vary regionally due to stock availability.

Go back to basics with these packages

Relax. No need to be baffled about which item to get. We’ve simplified the choices, and here are some recommendations that would automatically bag you Retail Therapy freebies:

Packages worth 75+ EUR/USD/GBP

Packages worth 150+ EUR/USD/GBP

Packages worth 250+ EUR/USD/GBP

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One Comment

  1. granduque
    granduque ·

    Bummer. I bought the entire Diana deluxe package on May 10th! I just missed it. Boo.

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