Hidrellez Festival


The Hidrellez Festival is celebrated throught out Turkey once a year and it’s believed that all wishes made that day would come true.

Hidrellez have always been a celebration in Turkey. On the night that connects the 5th or May to the 6th, people celebrate the coming of Spring. Also, on that night, it is believed the prophets Hidir and Ilyas (hence the name – Hidrellez) come together to make true the wishes of people.

On that night, people write down their wishes, or even better, draw them on paper and hang to rose branches so that they’ll come true. Or, you can draw them on sand with a stick and even jump over fires wishing things.
For the past few years, it has become a festival in Ahirkapi, a seaside residence in Istanbul where almost the entire city comes together to celebrate this night with fires, music, dancing, and food. The festivals are so colorful, everyone dressed like gypsies, there is drums and singing everywhere. Also, you can see the ribbons tied to ropes, representing wishes.

So what did I wish for this year? Of course to own my very own lomo store :)) I hope it’s gonna come true :))

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  1. tallgrrlrocks
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    ...and my wish is to get to visit your Lomo Store! :D

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