New Lomography Magazine Submission Guidelines


That’s right, folks! The New Lomography Magazine is ready for your contributions. But before you put your thoughts to paper, carefully read the new and updated submission guidelines.

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The title must embody the main message of your piece. It should be specific and straight to the point.

10 Ways to Shoot Better Portraits
The Horizon Perfekt and the LomoChrome Purple: A Comprehensive Review


The summary can be anywhere from 3 to 5 sentences and must answer the basic who, where, what, why, and when questions.


A freelance designer and illustrator by profession, New York-based Daniel Zvereff is an ardent traveler who documents his journeys the old-fashioned way – with hand-written journals and photographs. In this feature, Zvereff talks about his passion for travel, and how it has sparked a love affair with cameras and lenses.

Word Count

1. Except for Playlist Requests, ‘Photo Stories’ and ‘LomoLit,’ all contributions must contain a minimum of 300 words, but can be longer.
2. A ‘LomoLit” submission should contain at least 200 words
3. Contributions for ‘Photo Stories’ and Playlist Requests should contain 100 words or more.


1. All articles must be in English. Please write in a clear, concise manner.
2. All articles must be original.
3. Ideally, articles should be free of grammatical errors, so please observe the rules of grammar, punctuation and capitalization. However, we do make considerations especially if English is not your native tongue and will edit as needed.
4. Since the Magazine caters to an international audience, avoid the use of colloquial terms or slang as much as possible. Should there be a need to use a colloquial term for creative or culture-related purposes, or for emphasis, keep it at a bare minimum.
5. If foreign terms are to be used, please include a translation or definition and cite your sources, if any.


Should there be a need to use information sourced from another website when referring to a person, place or event, cite your sources. You may use an in-line citation (included in the body of the article) or a statement at the bottom stating a source.


In line:
Defined by Wikipedia as “a technique of shooting photographic film where the film is exposed from the wrong side, “ redscale is one of my favorite alternative photography techniques.
Bottom citation:
Information used in this article was sourced from Wikipedia.


1. All photos must be taken by the contributor/writer of the article and include captions.
2. Photos used should have been taken with a film camera, except in the following cases:
a) If the photos are part of a review of a Lomography lens that was used with a digital camera;
b) If the photos are meant to illustrate the step-by-step process in a tutorial or tipster.
3. Images must be 1216×1800 or 1216 × 2432px in size in order to be properly displayed on the new website.
If the images can be found in your LomoHome and are according to the prescribed size, you may just indicate the Photo number.


1. If you want to embed a video from your LomoHome, here is the code you should use: [Movie:number-of-video]
2. If you want to embed a video from your LomoHome, here is the code you should use: [Movie:URL-of-the-video-from-YouTube-or-Vimeo]


To include a link in your article, simply put “quotation marks” before and after the word, phrase, or sentence you would like to link, followed by a colon and the URL you would like to use.


Bold or Italicize

Put word in between two asterisks * * to make it bold and between two underscores _ _ to make it italicized.


You can use the following for headings: h1., h2., h3., h4. Results as shown.

h1. heading

h2. heading

h3. heading

h4 heading

How to Submit
Email your submissions in Word doc. or docx format to Please include photos, captions, links and of course your username.

All submissions approved for publishing will be awarded 15 piggies. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at

For the list of articles that you may contribute, please follow this link.

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    SOME QUESTIONS: Images must be 1216×1800 or 1216 × 2432 ... so for a square format the dimensions will be 1216 x 1216, right? Another question: AT LEAST 1216 px or exactly 1216? Third question: to include a photo, can I use the old command [Photos:123456789,234567890,...]? 4th question: If I don't use Word (I use linux and Openoffice), can I send the files in TXT (plain text)?

  2. jillytanrad
    jillytanrad ·

    Hi @sirio175. to answer your questions:

    so for a square format the dimensions will be 1216 x 1216- yes.

    AT LEAST 1216 px or exactly 1216? - At least 1216. We just need to make sure the images don't get pixelated given the new page layout.

    to include a photo, can I use the old command [Photos:123456789,234567890,...] - Yes we can still use the old command as long as the images in your lomohome are adequate in size

    can I send the files in TXT (plain text)? - yes you may, as long as it's a file we can open. If you use OpenOffice, please make sure it is saved as doc, not odt. :)

    Hope this clears up things!

  3. chourique
    chourique ·

    How to translate articles?

  4. stouf
    stouf ·

    If all stick to the requirements of the 'Content' and 'Sources' sections, we'll finally get back to worthwhile posts. Great news! : )

  5. 2y2son4
    2y2son4 ·

    Another question here @jillytanrad! I want an article to be published in the spanish Magazine, should I send it to the same email address? Thanks!

  6. thamnhathoa
    thamnhathoa ·

    So I see amazing pics. Plz send me:

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