Armand Kohandani Tells the Story of Denton Camera Exchange and His Passion for Film Photography


In this five-minute clip, the owner of Denton Camera Exchange expounds on his love for analog photography and his shop’s humble beginnings.

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Armand Kohandani’s passion for film photography is evident in the way he speaks. Born and raised in Denton, Kohandani had his first photojournalistic experience in 7th grade. He opened Denton Camera Exchange, the sole camera retail outlet in the city of Denton, Texas, using a small loan from his father, with which he had purchased a camera inventory.

From having empty shelves the shop has now evolved into one that is well-stocked with all sorts of cameras, both old and new, analog and digital, film, and other gear. Denton Camera Exchange is currently the only outlet serving the photography community in his city, and by setting it up, Kohandani is able to fulfill one of his missions in life, that is, “to preserve the unique history involving film photography…”

Video via The Vision Beautiful on Vimeo

This five-minute documentary on Kohandani and the Denton Camera Exchange is part of an ongoing project by The Vision Beautiful, “People of Denton,” in which they feature “interesting” people from the city. Here, Kohandani talks about the beginnings of his shop, as well as his dedication to analog photography. “The fact that everybody could do it, it enriches somebody’s life to be able to preserve and document what they see. And without it, to think what life would be like without it, that’s what you kinda have to do to appreciate it for what it is,” Kohandani said at one point in the video.

Information in this article was sourced from Vimeo.

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