Black & White and the Price is Right: Kodak BW400CN (35mm, 400 ISO) User-Review


Looking for a great, reasonably priced black and white film, look no further than kodak BW400!
Easily developed by any drugstore as it only requires C-41 processing!

I originally bought this film in the London Lomography shop for a perfectly reasonable price. Initially being rather skeptical about how it would turn out, I loaded my fisheye one up with it and began to shoot. A few days later the results were back, and oh my was I pleased! This film is easily developed, as it requires only C-41 processing, which can be carried out at any drug-store photo developers! Here are the results from my Fisheye!

As you can see, the photo on the London Underground (not a very bright place) came out well, as did the rest.

Pleased with my initial results, I went and bought several more rolls from the London lomo shop and loaded them into my recently acquired LOMO LC-A+. I was gobsmacked to say the least! The range of tones throught the photo’s was awe inspiring, the film coped excellently with double exposures and worked well in low light situations!

All in all, I would highly recommend this film for it’s photographic merits, but also for its low price and the ease of getting it developed! Buy this if you don’t develop your own film and your only option is a drug-store photo processor!

written by joejag on 2010-06-27 #gear #black-and-white #review #iso-400 #b-w #kodak #c-41-processing


  1. coldkennels
    coldkennels ·

    Wow, photo 3 in the second gallery is absolutely stunning! Fantastic portrait!

  2. joejag
    joejag ·

    Cheers Cold. My girlfriend doesn't like it, but the B&W works so well with the setting and composition!

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